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For practitioners around the world testing and treating SIBO.

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Patient Handouts

Convenient, downloadable handouts are available in this section. These informational handouts on testing, treatment, and dietary suggestions and are designed to give to your patient to make your job easy!

Patient handouts

  • The Natural Treatment Protocol
  • SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Guidelines
  • Patient "How to order a test"
  • Prep guidelines for the test
  • SIBO Practitioner Flyer
  • SIBO Patient Flyer

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Why Choose SIBOTest?

Test Comparison at a glance

  SIBOTest Lab 1 Lab 2
One test kit for SIBO yes no no
Closed sample collection device yes yes yes
10 samples in 3 hours yes yes no
Glucose test kit yes yes no
Control CO2 yes ? ?
1 week turnaround for results yes no no
Naturopathic support staff yes no no

SIBO Cookbooks

Featuring 110 Recipes by Rebecca Coomes Based On Dr Nirala Jacobi ND's SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet Protocol

In my years of treating SIBO, the most difficult commitment for my patients has been the SIBO diet. It is an intentionally restrictive diet to reduce the fermentation of food by bacteria in the small intestines.

In addition to treatment, I designed the SIBO Bi-Phasic diet for people to follow for 3 months, but because it makes them feel so much better, people typically stay on it longer.

The phased diet tables are easy to understand and the recipes are delicious.