SIBO Master Class 2016

Build Clinical Skills as a SIBO Treating Practitioner with Dr Nirala Jacobi ND

  • Web based- conference call format
  • Case review and management with Dr. Jacobi
  • Topics covered: SIBO-C and SIBO-D, sensitive clients, adjusting the SIBO diet, when to retest, pro kinetic use, and more
  • Case review for each participant
  • SIBO Master Classes run three times per year, in February, July, and October
  • Small class size – 12-15 practitioners per course max
  • Register and pay online

SIBO Update 2016

14 July 2016 – 7pm AEST (Recording sent later)

Considered the leading expert of the natural treatment of SIBO in Australia, Dr Jacobi was a 2014 Delphi panelist at the first SIBO Symposium and a Delegate at the 2015 SIBO Symposium in the USA. In 2016 Dr Jacobi presented her Bi-phasic diet approach.

Sponsored by SIBOtest, this Webinar will deliver 90 minutes of the latest information on the most common cause of IBS.

Designed for the medical doctor, alternative medicine practitioner, and the public, the SIBO Symposium featured the world's leading experts on the topic to present an evidence-based educational program on managing small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

SIBO is a new clinical approach to IBS and modern health disorders. IBS, one of the most common and difficult-to-treat conditions today, typically has its roots in SIBO.

Affecting more than 60 million Americans and 2 million Australians, IBS symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Research and clinical applications for SIBO unravel the mysteries of IBS with an astounding success rate.

These evidence-based approaches not only manage a significant portion of IBS cases, but also associated disorders, including autoimmune diseases, fatigue, restless leg syndrome, diabetes, IBD, skin disorders, GERD, Lyme, lactose intolerance, and many more.


Register for the 2016 Webinar

Key learning objectives

  • Updated SIBO assessment and treatment
  • New information on the autoimmune link to SIBO
  • Key herbal and conventional strategies
  • Adhesions and restrictions— often a key element in the development of SIBO
  • Cost: $50 (inclusive of GST for Australian residents)

Free Podcast from the 2015 Symposium

Interview with Dr Allison Siebecker, founder of, The SIBO Center and Dr Mark Pimental MD, author of The New IBS Solution

Free Webinar

Foundations of SIBO Assessment and Treatment

In this Webinar AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD, Dr Nirala Jacobi ND discusses current development in SIBO management, including updated cutting-edge treatment protocols and maintenance strategies.

Key learning objectives

  • What is SIBO and what are the symptoms
  • Associated conditions
  • Effective herbal and antibiotic treatment strategies
  • Dietary recommendations